Six Month Smiles is fast, affordable and designed for your


About six month smiles
The average treatment times is 6 months, however
this can vary to 4 to 9 months of treatments depending on your
desired cosmetic look. Six Month Smiles is tailored for adults
with crowded, crooked or spaced teeth, so the results are
cosmetically focused.

How does it work?
Six Month Smiles provides you with a unique orthodontic tray
kit, which provides high quality materialised Lucid-Lok clear
bonded brackets and tooth-coloured wires that are barely
visible. The Lucid-Lok tooth-coloured shaped wired is designed
to gently straighten and align teeth in creating the ideal teeth

Your dentist will be able to go through the options with you
and give you an initial indication as to whether Six Month
Smiles could be an option. If your dentist is not experienced
in the area of Six Month Smiles they will be able to refer you
to a dentist with an interest in this field.

By using Blackbrook Dental for your Six Month Smiles we also provide free Teeth Whitening.
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